Heart to Heart Talk

    At early morn she softly makes her way
    To nestle on the chaise lounge in my room;
    That's where we talk of fairies in the glen,
    Or how the garden tulips rise and bloom.

    Her dainty hands describe each grand detail,
    Just how the lapwing hops around the hedge;
    And then she makes me hear a little frog
    Croak "ribbit" from some nearby water's edge.

    I braid her hair and brush away small sighs,
    For she is troubled by the chirping sound
    Of sparrow nestlings, high up in the eaves--
    Though naughty Kitty still is on the ground.

    Then, after we've conversed on every theme
    And morning casts a gleam into her curl,
    We watch the primrose clouds trail by the sun,
    And I embrace my lovely little girl.